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"Supervising Your Dream Team"
As a supervisor it is not enough to follow other's direction. Now you must decide what gets done, when and by whom. You are responsible for keeping your department running at full throttle. Even more difficult, your performance is only as good as the performance of your people. It is your job to make sure that deadlines are met, budgets are honored, procedures are followed, and everyone is happy and productive in the process! Clearly you have a tough job! In this program we learn how to develop characteristics and qualities that will earn the respect and loyalty of your dream team, and how to motivate and empower your people to play like a team.

"The Personal Success Seminar"
This seminar focuses on the personal success of individuals. There is only one person responsible for the quality of your life YOU! This seminar addresses just that. Participants leave recognizing unlimited opportunities for their life. They learn principles and strategies for continued development and growth. They also explore how to live with purpose by aiming in the direction you want to go and continuing moving forward. It is a fun, interactive, and holistic approach to personal success AND fulfillment.

"Lead Your Way to the Top!"
This program takes a fun, interactive approach to leadership, and goes beyond the basics, addressing organizational change theory, specifically addressing the role of the leader in the process. Participants have the opportunity to challenge themselves throughout the presentation as principles of leadership are shared.

"Organizational Elevation through True Leadership"
It is important to recognize that various definitions of leadership exist, and each may have its place in an organization. But it is also important to recognize that there remains a big difference between someone being a leader and one performing acts of leadership. This session will pursue an understanding of leadership and how it plays a role in organizational elevation.

Additional Topics:
- Goal Setting
- Long Range or Strategic Planning
- Conflict Mediation and Confrontation