College Seminar Topics

College Topics

"Drink Think: A Personal Approach to Alcohol"
Alcohol is the most widely used and misused substance in our colleges and universities today. Alcohol is no stranger on campus. Alcohol problems are no stranger on campus either. This program goes beyond the rules and regulations, and addresses the personal choice concerning alcohol use. This is a fun, interactive, yet serious discussion about alcohol use on campus.

"Lead Your Way To The Top!"
A fun, interactive approach to leadership. "Lead Your Way To The Top" goes beyond the basics, addressing organizational change theory, specifically addressing the role of the leader in the process. Participants have the opportunity to challenge themselves throughout the presentation as principles of leadership are shared.

"Hazing: When Will It End?"
Take an honest look at hazing, the problems it causes and the reasons it continues to exist on campus. Participants are challenged to take a serious look at how they work with their newest members. Hazing definitions are covered. Organization principles violated by hazing are highlighted. Necessary changes in moving from historical training of new members to a more contemporary role of new member education is addressed.

"Leading With Your Letters"
Isnít it time to get fired up about being Greek? This keynote presentation challenges audience members to get excited about membership in their organization. This high-energy program addresses the issues facing fraternities and sororities, and leaves the participants with the desire to get out there and make a difference.

"Building the Whole Athlete"
In this program, intercollegiate athletes are challenged to excel in their given sport as well as in life. The positive development of the individual, including intellectual, spiritual, social and moral are covered, in addition to physical, which is already such a major factor for student-athletes.

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